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 Lynn F, Miami, FL

Dr. Bill Tollefson

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I have to attest my feelings. I have directly experienced Dr. Bill's coaching. I was in a terrible self defeating place in my life. I lost everything, became homeless and was doing everything wrong in my life. I knew I had to change or continue to be a failure. I reached out to Dr. Bill and submitted to his program. After a short time of going through the 1st Level of his Personal Philosophy program and his R.E.S.E.T program my life has begun to significantly change. I got a job and my mindset is shifting. I envision my life and feel completely different. Dr. Bill is a powerful coach who coaches from his heart and has a highly evolved knowledge of how to help people reach what they want for themselves. He is a true genius. Thank you for my life again.

PTSD Recovery

PTSD recovery is possible. PTSD recovery life coaching methods can help you reduce the effects of emotional, physical, sexual, verbal abuse and PTSD symptoms. This life coaching program has helped thousands of people suffering from trauma abuse to get their life back.

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"Dr. Bill Tollefson never stops learning or giving to the clients he works with so many with post traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse. I met him many years ago and he is a great man who saved my life, when I had lost all hope. He understood my pain I was going through and cares about all of his clients. He is one of those earth angels for many of us, who even though life has dealt out some of the worse situations, the word of Dr. Bill remain in our hearts forever. "Keep me in your pocket." Which has been done kind sir, your words never forgotten. What I learned from Dr. Bill set me on a course of success and I am an accomplished and published author. If I ever have a tombstone with an obituary, it might read, "Thank you Dr. Bill Tollefson- You gave me life". 

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Life coaching is for people who want to make quick and powerful changes to themselves. Professionals in all fields have sought out Life Coaches to improve their performance and wellness. Learn more about how Life Coaching can enhance your life, performance and wellness. 

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"I believe that trauma recovery is connecting back with your greatest source... you"

98% of all trauma survivors with ptsd symptoms have one more addictions to numb their pain. 95% of all addicts have experienced trauma abuse situations. Addiction and ptsd recovery is most successful when ptsd symptoms and addiction symptoms are treated together.

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