"Breaking free from my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, while creating an environment in which the people around me assumed I was okay, was the most difficult thing for me."

My formal education led me to a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I have certifications as a board certified hypnotherapist, certified reality therapist and board certified clinical psychotherapist. I have been trained in specific techniques such as hypnosis, neuro linguistics programming, and EMDR therapy from some of the best clinicians in the country. With each program I studied, I still was unable to find a way to heal my own pain.

While searching something that would take away my flashbacks, I found these techniques to be a temporary fix or band aid. The flashbacks soon returned, and my life spiraled downward. No matter what I did, the memory couldn't be erased; it had happened, and it was recorded in my brain. I knew that the content or fact of the event was not doing the damage to me. It was the intense emotional charge that hurt.

I finally discovered the secret. It was while I was directing an inpatient trauma treatment center for women with dissociative identity disorders that I discover the technique that would release a survivor from the emotional charge and intensity of the traumatic memory or flashback. This was the beginning of Rapid Reduction Technique® known as RRT®.

Rapid Reduction Technique® is memory management skill that removes the emotional charge and intensity of your flashback or memory. RRT® allows your brain to protectively revisit, process, reset, and make emotional closure. Once the RRT® is completed, the memory is placed into the long-term memory bank without the emotional charge. Now, if the memory is pulled up into consciousness, it has no emotional effect.

RRT® can help anyone break free from the grips of traumatic memory and PTSD syndrome. Don't allow your past to dictate your future. Rapid Reduction Technique® has been proven to help anxiety, fear, stress, self-esteem, and depression due to traumatic flashbacks and memories.

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"STOP allowing your past to define you!"
Dr. Bill Tollefson

So many people are suffering from ptsd flashbacks. To define flashback I would say, a flashback is a portion of a traumatic memory that breaks apart and surfaces in the concious mind. 

PTSD Recovery

RRT: Rapid Reduction Technique

Hello, I am Dr. Bill Tollefson and like you I suffered from PTSD from childhood abuse and trauma. My flashbacks robbed me of success and happiness. In my case, the frightening events I suffered through caused me to form negative beliefs about myself, and I could not break free. As a result, I didn't like me. Each event changed me into someone I didn't know. Between the memories of the past and the recovery I enjoy today, there is a huge grey area. I know that PTSD thinking can be very polarizing, and this habitual form of thinking can make you view yourself in all or nothing terms. For example, you might see yourself as: good or bad, deserving or worthless, living in the present or stuck in the past.