PTSD Recovery

 I had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 18 years. I had been to many other therapists and counselors; sometimes they lessened the frequency of flashbacks and nightmares, but the flashbacks and nightmares always returned. I traveled to Florida from Minnesota out of desperation. I have a great family life, but found it impossible to stop the thoughts long enough to enjoy it. I spent six hours with Dr. Bill the first day (over 2 sessions) covering my background and what I needed help with. The second day, he treated me for my flashbacks and nightmares. I was a new person when I left! Being anywhere by myself--anytime my mind was able to wander--was unbearable because I couldn't stop visualizing the terrible things that were done to me. It's been two days now and I have been alone in places that would normally set me off-- the car for SIX hours by myself, the shower, I talked to family and friends about it WITHOUT crying!!!! It's been two days now without feeling scared, hyper vigilant, or sobbing uncontrollably. That may not seem like an incredible feat to others, but it is to me. My view of myself has changed. I haven't let anyone take pictures of me in three years--I took pictures of myself the past two days and even posed in pictures taken by others! If you have PTSD, please do this! You will not be able to live a happy normal life until the trauma is removed from it. Dr. Bill is very reasonably priced, he is way less expensive than treatment programs and other counseling--even if you travel to Florida. Feel free to contact me by private message if you have any questions about how I am currently doing or if you need tips on where to stay near Dr. Bill. 

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I will guide you through my proven Post Trauma Reset program, and you will:

  • Eliminate the residual emotional charge in your flashbacks and traumatic memories.
  • Ending the ups and downs of feeling worthy one day and worthless the next.
  • Ending the feelings of shame, guilt, and any negative core belief what you experienced was your fault.
  • Form new connects with yourself first and then with others.
  • Relief from buried emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, and worry.
  • Increase your self-confidence and no longer live by what others expect of you.
  • Learn how to be more fulfilled in relationships, and trust yourself as well as others.
  • Gain the skills to be more comfortable in your personal and professional life.
  • Create a new set of core beliefs that will help you be more mindful and accept yourself.
  • Learn how to be more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Become more accountable and focused.

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Get Help One-on-One With The Reset Program

I know what it is like to spend years trying to heal wounds and the disappointment that comes when it seems nothing you attempt is helping or giving you answers. If you have tried everything that is available and just haven't been able to heal, then I will help you break free from the wounds of trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, understand your barriers, normalize the your condition, change the beliefs that keep you down, redefine yourself and become the person you want to be through coaching with me one-on-one with my Reset Program.



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During our time together, we will:

  • Discover the #1 core belief why you are holding on to the pain of trauma and not moving forward with your life
  • Understand the person you could if the false beliefs were lifted and pain of the past were eliminated
  • Create a powerful action plan that if implemented would free you and help you to feel normal
  • Determine if the Reset Program is the best for you and if we form a good team to accomplish your goals

Trauma Recovery

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 Jamie Ostertag, MN, USA

Are youl tired of feeling broken, damaged and unable to be fixed? Tired of all the emotional trauma in your every day life? Do you feel like you are unworthy, not good enough, or unlovable or just don’t deserve anything? 

Are you just surviving in life, instead of ready to live a powerful, fulfilled life, free from the barriers of past pain that you experienced from abuse or trauma? 

Is it no longer enough to understand the connections between the traumas you went through? Do you wonder and why you act, feel, think and react the way you do? Are seeking to know the answers to your critical questions which are not being answered by any of the books, therapists, or friends? Trauma Recovery life coaching may be that one thing you have been looking for.