"Dr. Bill literally saved my life!  I have spent many years in therapy and hospitals and nothing worked. When I think that I have spent most of my life in therapy and hospitals trying to get help...and in only 16 weeks with Dr. Bill, I am now a new person and totally set free from my past!  I am so thankful for everything he has done for me.  He saved my life and he saved my marriage."

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Authors Charles L. Whitfield, MD, Within & Barbara Whitfield, RT, 

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Dr Tollefson's writings and explanations are easy to understand and his methods are simple and elegant. We recommend his book, which provides an excellent guide for healing those with dissociative disorders including dissociative identity disorder." - 

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This blog provides information on many topics and issues pertaining to survivors of childhood and/or adulthood abuse, trauma, or combat situations. 

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Dr. Tollefson and his peers discuss trauma and addiction recovery on various radio shows.

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Dr. Bill's book was clearly written in easy-to-understand language. I recommend this title to anyone interested in the theories of how humans react to traumatic events and to those interested in learning about the recovery process of these individuals. Great read... couldn't put the book down!

Elizabeth Caron

PTSD Recovery