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The percentage of veterans returning from the two Middle East Wars has reached epidemic proportions. The Military defines PTSD as a character weakness and hides the rising percentage of sufferers from the American public. So far, the only stress management techniques offered to veterans with PTSD flashbacks is hospitalization and medications (which does not help and can make PTSD symptoms more intense) or the system blatantly rejects the fact that there is a problem.

Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Is Reaching Epidemic Levels for American Veterans

Understanding How The Brain Treats Trauma

Many years of research into how the human brain processes memory, has proven that traumatic memory is treated in a different manner by the brain than non-traumatic memory. Traumatic memory is treated differently because of the painful emotion that the brain was unable to deal with at that time. At some point the brain sends the memory back into consciousness for closure. This action by the brain is called a “flashback”.

There are four different types of flashbacks that can surface:

  • visual image
  • visual image
  • organ or body experience visual image
  • unexplained intense emotion
  • sound

Flashbacks do not occur to hurt or injure the individual, but to make closure. Yet traumatic flashbacks are painful and seem real. In the past, suffers of flashbacks were told that he/she would have to “grin and bear it”, “just get over it”, deal with it through many years of therapy, “medicate them away” or lastly “it was something they would have to live with”.

These misunderstandings create feelings of:

  • unexplained intense emotion
  • confusion
  • depression
  • guilt
  • anger
  • shame
  • dysfunction

Now there is an alternative for PTSD flashbacks. There is a Life Coaching Method known as Rapid Reduction Technique 2.0® (RRT 2.0®) that actually helps veterans significantly gain relief from the emotional impact of battlefield memories and PTSD flashbacks.

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"STOP allowing your past to define you!"
Dr. Bill Tollefson