Living life with trauma and addiction results in symptoms that can be devastating. The thought of sobriety alone is frightening, but without working on your trauma issues at the same time can make recovery harder. Focusing on both trauma and addiction is healthy and wise. But it is only the beginning. The next important choice is to seek a program that focuses on trauma and addiction. It is known that an addict can’t do it alone. Seeking new skills, managing your sobriety and PTSD symptoms along with constant support is necessary to keep you accountable, responsible to change your mindset, behavior, and handle cravings.
Recovery from PTSD and addiction requires a massive recalibration in your thinking, life skills, and daily behaviors. For many years, your life has been structured around using alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to stop PTSD symptoms and avoid unwanted feelings. It is difficult to expected to stop and confront those feelings and all the damage left in the wake of both conditions can be tremendously difficult to accomplish alone. Seeking out a professional who is an expert in both PTSD and addictions will give you the necessary hope and structure you need to recover. It is easier when you have backing from someone who is compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding, can hold you accountable, tell you the truth, and aid in supporting you through the process of building a new self and life.

Addiction and trauma coaching is a cutting-edge, empowering, and goal-orientated approach to long-term recovery. Addiction and trauma coaching can be a powerful change agent because coaching is based on a partnership model rather than a therapeutic model. You cannot stay sober on willpower alone. In coaching, the coach and client form a team and hold equal power. The client chooses their own goals and intentions for his or her recovery. In dialog with the coach, the client develops recovery goals, builds skills, and both come up with an action plan for success. A coach is there to facilitate, educate, keep the client accountable, teach skills, help create solutions and add support to your change. So a recovery life coach helps you find your strengths, assess your skills and talents, and guides you to apply them to create a better life. 
Addiction recovery program through coaching methods is a strictly confidential and customized service to help you remain sober and learn how to be substance-free in the long term.

  I will guide you through my proven Addiction Recovery Program, and you will:
•    Formulate what is important and meaningful as well as create a strategy for long-term sobriety 
•    Eliminate the residual substance cravings 
•    End the thoughts of shame, guilt, and any negative core beliefs that keep you connected to your addiction 
•    Form new connections with yourself first and form a supportive community
•    Break free from buried emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, and worry
•    Increase your self-esteem and self-worth 
•    Build new skills that help you to increase your long-term solution for sobriety and health
•    Gain the skills to function better in your life
•    Learn how to be more comfortable with who you are sober
•    Become more accountable, responsible, and focused

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The first half of my life conditioned and primed me for a life of loneliness, violence, sex and chaos for the years ahead. Blackouts and disassociation was how I survived and a life of captivity and addiction was how I coped. For years I wandered hopelessly in dissection with myself and the world around me. I lived to survive and survived to commit a passive suicide. I thought blackouts, flashbacks, addiction and institutions were just an automatic function like sneezing or coughing. I couldn’t identify the grotesque sensations, sounds or memories that plagued me for years or the lost time of another personality taking over. I knew I wasn’t crazy because I was capable of thinking logically and rationally when needed in order to survive. Although my perception was skewed I had moments of clarity when I would check myself into institutions and seek help. I’ve been in and out of treatment centers, metal institutions, detoxes, jails and I’ve talked to psychiatrist, therapist and counselors and no one ever had the right solution to the right problem until I met Dr. Bill Tolefson. Dr. Bill taught me how to search within myself for answers and gave me the tools needed to live a happy healthy life. He always told me there is nothing to fix only new experiences to create and opportunities to evolve. I learned with his customized design for healing how to extinguish flashbacks; utilize my old tools for my new life; how to rise above my other personalities and use them in a healthy effective way. It is amazing what Dr. Bill’s program of decoding and changing core philosophies has done for me. I wake up happy and experience whole days of wellness and gratitude. Flashbacks and blackouts are extremely rare and my eating disorder, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts are completely absolved.  I still nurture my parts and keep them safe so they trust that I am safe and protected. Dr.Bill and I came up with a personalized system that I practice so I don’t have to depend on medications or institutions. Thankyou bill, you helped gain my freedom and create a life apart from misery, captivity from parts, addiction, fear, PTSD, rage and Stockholm. My growth and development has exceeded the standard and gave my unborn child Jayden a loving healthy mother who has detached from generations of abuse. I will be forever grateful and indebted to your system.

PTSD Recovery

Trauma & Addiction Recovery Program

Here is what people are saying

Working with you helped me through my early months of sobriety.  You enabled me to understand the reasons for some of my core beliefs and helped me change the negative beliefs that had interfered with my self image and my relationships with those I love.  Since working your program I have been clean and sober for 31/2 years and I can say without reservation that I have never been happier.  My relationship with my family is the best it has ever been and,I am more productive and more spiritually fit than in many years.

Thank you again for everything!

Arthur Rohr

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Leah Andre, Palm Beach FL

Let me be your addiction recovery guide, mentor and coach to support you and assist you to manage through the rough times of sobriety and work toward a long-term recovery solutions.

"Sobriety is the act of resetting your life." - Dr. Bill Tollefson

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